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Are you too busy to stay and get the laundry done? Do you have better things to do with your time instead of sorting whites from darks, washing and folding laundry? Did you know that doing laundry is the second most hated household chore among Americans? Now your problem is solved! Give us your laundry and we’ll give you your time back. We provide a professional Wash and Fold service that stands above the competition.

Here’s how it’s done

  1. pockets are inspected for coins, lipstick, and pens etc…

  2. clothes are pre-inspected for anything that should not be washed

  3. clothes are separated between whites and colors

  4. stains are pre-treated

  5. socks are straightened

  6. only premium detergent and fabric softeners are used during the cycle

  7. clean clothes are immediately moved to the dryer to prevent wrinkling and are immediately removed from the dryer when they are no longer damp

  8. dryers are set on warm never hot to prevent shrinkage

  9. all socks are matched

  10. clothes are neatly folded and bagged
    Price: 75 cents per pound
    Clothes will be ready the same day if they are dropped off before 3:30 p.m.







When choosing a laundry why not choose one that exceeds your expectations!

Our State of the art coin laundry features:

  • Snack/soda machines/bottled water

  • Video games

  • Massage chair

  • Free wireless internet

  • Soap softener and bleach available

  • Weekly specials

  • Wash & Fold

  • Dry cleaning

  • Change machines

  • 4,000 sq. foot spacious store

  • Plenty of parking

  • Attendant always on duty

  • Air conditioning

  • Well lit and clean

  • Flat screen tv’s

  • Camera surveillance system

  • Security on duty within the plaza

  • Free coffee